Hot Runner Nozzles

Hot runner nozzles are the link to the cavity. They either directly gate into the part or into a sub runner which will lead into the cavity.

There are 3 categories of hot runner nozzle styles available

Seal Ring Nozzles

Single Valve Gate Nozzles

Sprue Bushings

Hot runner nozzles are the critical interface between the cavity and the melt delivery system – gate quality, operating window and color change times are directly impacted by the function of the nozzle. Hot runner nozzles done with reliability, minimal variability and maximum performance.

Wide variety of gating styles ensure the best gate quality for any application

Our technology provides guaranteed leakproof performance and is a standard features for all nozzles

Hot tip or valve gate options

Available in five nozzle sizes: DTHT7, DTHT8, DTHT12,DTHT16,DTHT19,DTHT22,DTHT28 and DTHT34

Melt channel diameters from 7 mm to 34 mm

 Hot Runner Nozzles